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   01 - Websites


Dashboard France European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)

What is the EOSC ? - Beckmann, MESRI / DGRI / SSRI / A7, February 2021

EOSC en 7 questions - Horizon Europe - 2021/10/06

Dashboard France Steering Committee for Open Science (CoSO)  


Dashboard France OpenAire


Dashboard France SPARC Europe


Dashboard France Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS)


Dashboard France Confederation of open access repositories (COAR)


Dashboard France Open access 2020


Dashboard France São Paulo Statement on Open Access - 1 May 2019


Dashboard France Open Access directory (OAD)


Dashboard France  Open science TV




   02 - Documents


 Dashboard France An Analysis of Open Science Policies in Europe v5, SPARC Europe, 2020/02/27

Dashboard France Final Report of the Open Science Policy Platform, 2020/04

Open Science Policy Platform Group advises the European Commission on how to develop open science policy.

Dashboard France A first introduction to Open Science, 2021/02/09




   03 - Timeline


Dashboard France Source Omniscience - An Open access timeline 



Last update: 2021/10/08